Unlock liquidity from earlier invoice payments 

Credevia is a platform that enables buyers to pay invoices early in exchange for a discount from suppliers using dynamic discounting.

How Credevia Works

#1 Buyers set available cash and minimum ROI

Buyers input cash reserves available for early payment and the expected minimum return on interest.

#2 Suppliers set maximum discount

Suppliers input the maximum discount rate they are willing to offer on their invoices.

#3 Buyer and supplier agree on payment terms

Credevia facilitates matchmaking based on these criteria and both parties give final approval.

Win-Win Solution for




For Suppliers

Lower cost financing

Credevia offers a more affordable method of bridging liquidity with accounts receivables. The most common is invoice factoring, which includes a default risk premium, increasing the prices.

Less payment chasing

Buyers are incentivized to pay early instead of paying last minute or, even worse, delay payments. Rewarding early payments lead to both parties being happy while creating a positive working relationship. 

Reduces inflation impact

Inflation has risen meaning costs are increasing. Cash received earlier can be deployed faster and for higher value.

For Buyers

Increased gross margins / EBITDA

Early payment discounts reduce costs, which in turn lead to increased margins.

Higher returns on capital

Extra cash reserves would otherwise be earning very little return. Paying early generates higher returns on short-term capital compared to alternatives. 

Support supply chain health

Unlocking liquidity for upstream suppliers allows more competitiveness and better financial health. A stronger supply chain means not only a better working relationship but also being able to focus on other challenges. 

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